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Frequently asked questions

Collection of bulky waste is a chargeable service, unless you are on certain means tested benefits.

Book a collection

About the service

You can book one free collection every 30 days if you receive one of these benefits:

  • Council Tax Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Job Seekers Allowance (income based only)
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Pension credit (guarantee credit only)
  • Income support
  • Universal Credit (UC)

You'll be asked to provide your national insurance number and a reference number or an award letter when booking.

To make sure our collection crew can pick up your items:

  • Put all your items out together at the front of your property and as close to the kerbside as possible.
  • Put your items out before 7 am on the day of the collection, or the night before.
  • If you are unable to put your items at the front of your property, please let us know when you book the collection
  • Make sure all the items can be seen by our collection crew.

To change the date of your collection or cancel, please call us on 01892 526121 at least two working days before your collection.

Refunds will only be given if your collection is cancelled two working days in advance.

Once a booking is made, the items listed can't be changed. If you need to change the items, you will need to cancel the original collection and make a new booking.

The bulky waste collection service is for household items only not for garden waste.

There are local charities who accept unwanted items that are in a good condition.

Any items donated must meet current health and safety regulations.

Organisation Contact Details
Hospice in the Weald 01892 536442
YMCA Furniture Warehouse 01892 615612
British Heart Foundation 01892 890002


You can also advertise goods online using Freecycle.

Freecycle is a website where you can advertise unwanted items.

Private individuals can then offer to come and collect the items for free.

Freecycle is not associated with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council.

We can only collect items which are listed below.

Air conditioning unit Large
Amp Large
Armchair Small
Artificial Christmas Tree Medium
Barbecue Medium
Bath Large
Bathroom cabinet (no glass) Small
Bed base Medium
Bed frame Medium
Bedside cabinet Small
Bench (wooden) Medium
Bicycle Medium
Black sacks (up to 4) Medium
Bookcase Medium
Cabinet (free standing) Medium
Carpet (1 roll) Large
CD Player Large
Chair Small
Chair - Recliner Medium
Chalk board Medium
Chest freezer Large
Chest of drawers Medium
Clock (freestanding) Large
Clothes airer Small
Coat stand Small
Coffee table (no glass) Medium
Computer Large
Computer and monitor Large
Computer monitor Large
Cooker Large
Cupboard Medium
Deep fryer Large
Dehumidifier Large
Desk Medium
Dining chair Small
Dining table Medium
Dishwasher Large
Dresser Large
Dressing table Medium
DVD payer Large
Electric heater Large
Electric shower Large
Exercise or weights bench Medium
External door (no glass) Medium
Fence panels (up to 4) Large
Filing cabinet Medium
Folding bed Large
Folding chair Small
Folding table Small
Footstool Small
Freezer Large
Fridge Large
Fridge freezer Large
Futon Medium
Games Console Large
Garden bench Medium
Garden table and chairs (up to 4 chairs) Large
Gas heater (free standing) Medium
Golf clubs (set) Medium
Headboard Small
Hi-fi Large
Hob Large
Internal door (no glass) Medium
Ironing board Small
Items Large
Kettle Large
Kitchen units (up to 4) Large
Kitchen work-top (up to 1 metre) Small
Lamp (ceiling or wall mounted) Large
Lamp (floor) Large
Lamp (table) Large
Lawn mower Large
Lino (1 roll) Large
Mattress Medium
Microwave Large
Notice board Medium
Office chair Small
Oven Large
Portable heater Large
Power drill Large
Pram Small
Printer Large
Pushchair Small
Radiator (up to 2) Large
Radio Large
Rotary washing line Small
Rubbish bin Small
Scanner Large
Shelves (up to 4) Large
Shelving unit Large
shredder Large
Side table Medium
Sink Large
Sofa (2 seater) Medium
Sofa (3 seater) Medium
Sofa (4+ seater) Large
Sofa bed Medium
Spin dryer Large
Stereo Large
Stool Small
Storage heater Large
Sun bed Large
Table Small
Table tennis table Large
Three piece suite Large
Toilet Large
Treadmill Large
Tumble dryer Large
TV Large
Underlay (1 roll) Large
Vacuum Large
VCR Large
Wall mounted clock Small
Wardrobe Large
Washing machine Large
Water butt Medium
Wheelbarrow Medium
Window blind Small
Wood Medium