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Land Charges


If you are a potential buyer of a property in or around Tunbridge Wells, as part of the conveyancing process a search against that property is conducted to uncover any restrictions or legal obligations on the building(s) or plot of land.

A local search will reveal information relating to planning, road adoption and other vital information for house buyers.

A search is conducted against the Register of Local Land Charges.

Searches can be requested by you, or more usually, through your solicitor.

There are two types of search:

  • an official local land charge search usually comprises two elements - a LLC1 Form and a CON29 form
  • a personal search consists of an unofficial copy of entries on the land charges register

It is recommended that an official search is carried out to ensure you receive the complete information.

Land Charges team

On 2 June 2014 the Land Charges teams at Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and Swale came together and formed Mid Kent Local Land Charges.

The service is based at Maidstone House in Maidstone.

Contacting the team


Tel: 01622 602251

Service updates

Cheques no longer accepted

From Friday 1 February 2019 we will no longer be able to accept cheque payments.

Official searches

The LLC1

This form asks for information held on our local land charges register about a property. This includes anything about tree preservation orders, planning decisions etc. This information is guaranteed by us.

The CON29

This is a list of 16 set and 18 optional questions about:

  • building regulations
  • common land
  • contaminated land
  • infringements
  • nearby road and traffic schemes
  • outstanding notices
  • property history
  • public rights of way


Apply online

You can apply online using the TM Search Choice or National Land Information Service website.

You can pay your official search fee online.

Apply by post

To apply you'll need to:

  • complete one copy of the LLC1 and CON29 forms
  • make a payment online and include your payment reference with your application
  • give us an accurate address of the property or land being searched
  • produce a plan showing the property or land clearly edged in red

And send them to:

Local Land Charges
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ

or DX 4819 Maidstone.

How long will it take?

We aim to complete official searches within five working days.

Personal searches

Personal searches of our Local Land Charges Register are free, but aren't guaranteed by us.

You can also ask for answers to the CON29 questions at the same time, however some of them are chargeable.

Personal searches requests can be made via email, with a plan clearly outlining the search area.

You can pay your personal search fee online.

Current Fees

ProductPrice inc. VAT
LLC1 only £15
LLC1 only - additional parcel £4.80
CON29 £172.20
CON29 - additional parcel £25.20
Standard search (LLC1 & CON29) £187.20
Standard search (LLC1 & CON29) - additional parcel £30
Part II enquiry - CON29O questions 4 to 21 £17
Part II enquiry - CON29O question 22 £31.50
Additional questions £23.95

Personal search CON29 fees from 1 April 2024

Question numberDescriptionPrice inc. VAT
1.1 (A-I) Planning decisions and applications £8.80
1.1 (J-L) Building control decisions £8.80
1.2 Planning policy See planning policy
2.1 Adopted highways See KCC roads
2.1 (B-D) Roads £4.40
3.1 Land required for public purpose £4.40
3.2 Land for road works See KCC road projects
3.3 Drainage matters £4.40
3.4 (B-D) Road schemes See KCC road projects
3.5 Railway schemes £4.40
3.6 (A-I) Traffic schemes See KCC road projects
3.7 Outstanding notices £12.60
3.8 Contravention of building regulations £4.40
3.9 Notices, orders under planning acts £8.80
3.11 (A-B) Conservation area See conservation areas
3.12 Compulsory purchase £4.40
3.13 A Contaminated land Free
3.13 B Contaminated land £4.40
3.13 C Contaminated land £4.40
3.14 Radon gas See Public Health England
3.15 Assets of community value (ACV) See Community Right to Bid

Frequently asked questions

What's a Local Land Charge?

An obligation or restriction on the property, enforceable against successive owners. This includes any planning conditions, tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, financial charges and other charges.

What's the Local Land Charges Register?

It's a register of all charges recorded against a property for example financial charges, planning applications, enforcement notices etc. It's made up of 12 parts. We maintain the registers for Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells electronically.

Who carries out a Local Land Charge search?

A search is carried out when a property is advertised for sale, leased or re-mortgaged and is usually carried out by your solicitor. We'd usually get the request directly from them or your Licensed Conveyancer.

What's a full search?

It's a search of the register and responses to the CON29R form.

What's the CON29R form?

The CON29R form has standard questions on it covering things like road adoption, building regulations, conservation areas and the history of a property.

What forms do I need to use?

To request a full search you need to complete the LLC1 and CON29 forms. You can get these from your solicitor or online from a legal stationer.

Can I ask any other questions?

Questions 4 to 22 of the CON29O form are optional and cover things like public rights of way, village greens, common land, hazardous substances etc. There are also additional questions you can ask about other developments near to the property being searched. There's a fee for each additional question you ask.

Can I cancel my search after I've sent it?

After a search has been sent to us and logged onto our systems, we can't cancel it.

Can you expedite my search?

We don't expedite searches because the information comes from many different teams in the council. We aim to return your search results within five working days.

How will I get my search?

Once we've completed the search, we'll email it to you. We can only send it to the person who made the request.

What's a personal search?

It's an inspection of the register. We'll email you a copy of the registered charges affecting your property.

How do I find out who owns a property or piece of land?

To find out who owns a property or piece of land speak to the Land Registry.

What if I have a complaint?

You can make a complaint about Land Charges by using our online form.

How do I get copies of documents revealed in my search?

You can get copies of documents revealed in an official search directly from the relevant department. For more information read the appendix on the back page of your search.

You can search for planning applications, including any supporting documents, comments and decision notices on our Planning Application Search page. For copies of older planning applications that aren't currently online or section 106 agreements, email