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Local heritage assets

To date Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has not compiled a List of Local Heritage Assets but is working towards facilitating the production of a list with the assistance of local community groups. If you are interested in assisting with this please email us at

The List of Local Heritage Assets is a locally designated register of buildings and other features in the environment which are locally distinctive or have particular importance to the local community and which deserve recognition. It is separate to the nationally designated Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest which includes the well established Grade I, II* and II listed buildings.

What does it mean?

The main difference between the Statutory List and the Local List is the level of control. It is important to note that, under current legislation, inclusion on a Local List will not in fact change the existing planning controls that apply to a building already. It simply changes the level of consideration given to preserving its character and appearance when planning applications are submitted to the Borough Council.

The Local List reinforces efforts to preserve the character and appearance of the buildings that will be included on it. It enables the architectural or historic interest of these buildings to be properly considered against development proposals submitted to the Borough Council. It should provide clarity for owners, the local community, developers and Planning Officers, so that they are aware of the interest of a building as early as possible, so avoiding abortive work or delays to the planning process.

If you wish to nominate a building for inclusion on the List of Local Heritage Assets please read the attached documents to the right of this page and complete and email the nomination form to

Hop Pickers Railway Line

A Historic Environment Assessment of the former Paddock Wood to Hawkhurst Railway Line.

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