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Parking enforcement request

Complete our online form to request a parking enforcement visit.

What we can enforce

We can generally enforce illegal parking on a:

  • bus stop
  • loading, taxi, or other specialised bay when not authorised to do so
  • school keep clear
  • yellow line
  • zig-zag approach to a crossing

Also, parking across a:

  • pedestrian crossing (dropped kerb or raised carriageway)
  • private or public vehicle crossover (dropped kerb)

Vehicles are legally allowed to stop on yellow lines to load or unload and to pick up or drop off passengers. Our Civil Enforcement Officers observe a vehicle for a number of minutes to prove there is no loading or dropping off or picking up before issuing a Penalty Charge Notice.

For dangerously parked vehicles, please contact Kent Police or Kent County Council.

Before you start

We will ask you for:

  • your name and email address or phone number, so we can contact you if we need further information
  • the location, days, and times that the illegal parking takes place

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