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More than half a million visitors to The Amelia Scott

The Amelia Scott in Royal Tunbridge Wells is proud to announce that it has welcomed its 500,000th visitor.

This milestone was achieved during December 2023 when a group of local children from The Wells Free School visited the building, the most recent of the many school groups to come through the doors since The Amelia Scott opened in 2022.

Acknowledging this achievement, Justine Rutland, Cabinet Member for Economic Development saying:
Last week, the 500,000th visitor passed through the doors of the Amelia Scott. Very happily, it was a young pupil from one of our local primary schools, The Wells Free School, coming in to see the totally enchanting Christmas show, Little Owl and the Christmas Lights.

This is a really incredible milestone to reach. In 18 months, the Amelia Scott has become a place for everyone who visits the borough and at the same time our residents in need who rely on council services and receive support from our dedicated, hardworking team. Whether it is taking phone calls or helping customers face to face, they are always there for our residents. We are looking forward to what 2024 brings and seeing the next exciting and eventful chapter for the Amelia Scott.'

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