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Wellbeing calls are making lockdown life easier for many shielded residents

The Council’s help and support for residents during the coronavirus emergency offers more than just food parcels.

Sometimes people are well stocked with essential food items but low on opportunities to chat to others, and our wellbeing calls are helping meet this need.

The calls are made by four members of the Health Improvement team, including One You Advisors. Since the community hub was set up at the start of the crisis they have made over 130 telephone calls to people who live alone; who are on the Government’s shielding list; or who are feeling lonely during this time. Some calls are one-off but increasingly the team is now making follow-up calls to people who say they would welcome a regular chat.

A friendly voice to talk to
Cabinet member Councillor Carol Mackonochie said, ‘I am very pleased we’re able to check-in with people and offer a friendly voice to talk to. It’s easy to assume that because someone has all the food and shelter they need that everything is fine. If you are used to regular interaction with others then isolation can be difficult, so I am glad that we’re able to make it a little easier for people through the wellbeing calls.’

Calls can be any length, and topics of conversation are whatever the resident wants to talk about. Feedback from people receiving the calls has been positive, one resident said she was so grateful and she is going to 'clap for Council on Thursday'. Another was struggling with maintaining good mental health and so the One You Advisor was able to direct this person to additional sources of support.

Requesting a wellbeing call
People who are receiving the calls have been referred to us by other organisations, or by their family or friends, or they have requested it themselves. You can request a wellbeing call by contacting the helpline on 01892 554497.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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