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Please don’t burn garden waste

With garden waste services temporarily suspended we would ask residents to consider their neighbours and to refrain from having bonfires in their gardens.

The smoke can cause distress to your neighbours and as well as serious problems for people who are vulnerable to both smoke and the virus, such as those with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Here are few alternative ways to deal with garden waste while our collections are suspended:

Leave grass cuttings on your lawn to dry out. As the grass dries birds will use the cuttings for their nests. Or scatter the cuttings round your flower beds where they will rot down and provide nutrients to your plants as well as helping to suppress weeds.

If you have space, create a compost heap. You can pile all your garden waste here as well as fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds. The compost created will help nourish your garden in the coming weeks and months.

Group pruned branches into bundles to create shelters for small animals, bugs and bees. And please keep feeding the birds if you can.

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