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Rapid Rehousing Pathway helping prevent homelessness

Tunbridge Wells Council secured funding to establish a Rapid Rehousing Pathway.

Last month the Council successfully secured funding of £145,000 from central government to establish a Rapid Rehousing Pathway in a joint initiative with Sevenoaks District Council, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Look Ahead and Porchlight.

Using this new grant, together with funding from the Rough Sleeper Initiative, the Council will continue to develop suitable and sustainable ways for those who are sleeping rough to get accommodation and also prevent homelessness for those who have accommodation but may struggle to sustain it.

Specific projects can be undertaken with the aim of reducing the number of people sleeping rough and supporting those who have been on the streets for a longer time as well as those who may find themselves newly out on the street.

The Rapid Rehousing Pathway is a key strand of the Government’s approach to homelessness, ensuring that those who sleep rough, or are at risk of rough sleeping, rapidly get the support they need to move away from the streets to sustained accommodation. This funding has been awarded to enable the Council to deliver some supported housing for rough sleepers and provide support workers who will be a single point of contact to assist those with more complex needs. The Council hopes to be able to help rough sleepers, and those at risk of rough sleeping, access the support and settled housing they need to leave the streets for good.

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