Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Some of our services have temporarily stopped or changed. See our Changes to Council services page for services’ status and our Coronavirus updates section for latest information.

Council Tenders & Contracts

Future business opportunities will appear on the Kent Business Portal which covers local authorities throughout Kent.

Helping you to sell to us

We are continually looking to improve commercial flexibility within our procurement practices and to achieve best value for our organisation while working within statutory and EU requirements. Local suppliers are particularly encouraged to tender and quote for our business wherever possible, either directly or indirectly as a sub-contractor to a larger company.

Although we are keen to support local businesses and small & medium enterprises, we are also bound to place contracts that are most economically advantageous. This means that we take into account factors such as total lifetime cost, quality, technical capability, after sales service and innovative ideas, as well as track records of service and financial stability. This does not mean we always buy from the cheapest supplier.

A - Z of council services