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Food premises approval

People who manufacture or process meat, egg, dairy, and fish products for retail sale at other premises require approval from the Food and Safety Team.

The approval process

Issuing approval rests with the council. After receiving an application (often before) an officer will visit the premises to ensure that all the requirements for the approval are being met. Once this is achieved approval will be confirmed and an approval number issued. For approval to be given there is no consultation exercise with other agencies or the public.

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Change in circumstances

If there is a change in circumstances the company are duty bound to inform us, as with all food businesses, and the contact would be with the Food and Commercial Team.

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Further information

If you wish to discuss any of the issues relating to authorisation, or you are considering opening a business that requires authorisation, please contact a member of the Food and Commercial Team.

Food premises approval register

Approved premises within the Tunbridge Wells borough include:

  • Bidvest Food Service
  • Fowler Welch Coolchain Ltd
  • Franconian Sausage Company Ltd
  • Fridays Ltd
  • Hinxden Farm
  • Kent Dairy Company Limited
  • Kentish Mayde
  • Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd
  • Sankey's Fishmongers Ltd