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Local employee season ticket

Discounted car park season tickets are available for local employees.

Before you start

Local employee discount season tickets are available in the following car parks:

  • John Street car park, Tunbridge Wells
    • John Street, William Street, Thomas Street and Standen Street – All Properties
    • Culverden Down – All Properties between its junctions with St Johns Road and Standen Street
    • St Johns Road – Odd numbers 45 – 85 inclusive and Even numbers 48 – 68 inclusive
  • Royal Victoria Place car park, Tunbridge Wells
    • Any address within the Royal Victoria Place Shopping Centre
  • Yew Tree Road car park, Southborough
    • Speldhurst Road – Even numbers 2 – 72
    • Edward Street, Taylor Street, Charles Street, Holden Park Road, Forge Road, Western Road, Norton Road, Bedford Road, Meadow Road, Springfield Road, St Andrews Park Road, Hythe Close and Crendon Park – All Properties
    • London Road – All even numbers 40 and higher, all odd numbers 77a and higher.
    • C J Gallards Almshouses – All Numbers
    • Yew Tree Road – Odd numbers 1 – 27 inclusive and even numbers 2 – 16b inclusive plus Coppers Court
  • North Grove car park, Hawkhurst
    • Any Hawkhurst postal address

To apply for a reduced rate Local Employee season ticket, you must provide proof that your place of employment is within the required locality.

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