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Residents' Survey Results

The purpose of our 2023 Residents' Survey was to gauge respondents’ satisfaction with the borough as a place to live, services provided by the Council and to guide future priorities in line with their needs. The survey will form a baseline for future planning and engagement.

The survey was based on the 'Focus on Five' priorities, while also using questions lifted from or adapted from the LGA (Local Government Association) standard residents’ survey format. Consideration was also given to the previous residents’ survey conducted for TWBC by Lake Market research in 2015.

The themes of the survey were:

  • Local services
  • Our priorities
  • Funding our services
  • Places and spaces
  • Your environment
  • Housing and homes
  • Accessing the Council
  • Looking ahead

Thirty-eight questions were divided between these themes, with a range of different formats including drop downs, multiple choice, and free text.