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Partnership services

What is Mid-Kent Services?

The Mid-Kent Improvement Partnership (MKIP) was formed in 2008 and involves Maidstone Borough Council, Swale Borough Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. It's a partnership agreement where we work together to improve service delivery and reduce service costs for residents across Mid-Kent. The services delivered through the partnership are called Mid-Kent Services.

The partnership is flexible to meet the needs of each authority. This means that some shared services and projects have involved only two authorities, and some have involved all three plus an additional partner (Ashford Borough Council). Being flexible is essential in sustaining the long term future of the partnership and ensuring that the needs of each council are met.

Services in MKS

There are currently seven shared services in the partnership and one shared manager post.

  • Environmental Health (Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells)
  • Audit (Ashford, Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells)
  • Human Resources (Maidstone and Swale)
  • ICT (Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells)
  • Legal (Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells)
  • Mid-Kent Enforcement Service (Maidstone, Swale and Tunbridge Wells)
  • Parking Enforcement (Swale and Maidstone – shared manager post)
  • Planning Support (Maidstone and Swale. Tunbridge Wells is part of the Local Land Charges shared service)
  • Revenues and Benefits (Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells)

How is MKS governed?

  • MKS board (leaders and chief executives)
    • Larissa Reed (Swale) CEX
    • Cllr Mike Baldock (Swale)
    • Cllr Roger Truelove (Swale)
    • Alison Broom (Maidstone) CEX
    • Lee Colyer, for William Benson (Tunbridge Wells)
    • Georgia Hawkes, MKS Director
    • Cllr David Burton (Maidstone)
    • Cllr David Hayward (Tunbridge Wells)
    • William Benson (Tunbridge Wells) CEX
    • Cllr Nancy Warne (Tunbridge Wells)
    • Cllr John Perry (Maidstone)
    • Cllr Ben Chapelard (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Cabinet/Committee meetings
  • MKS Director
    • Georgia Hawkes
  • Shared service board meetings
  • Individual full councils (where necessary)

For more information, you can email the MKS Director.