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Why start a business in Tunbridge Wells?

Tunbridge Wells is a great location in which to start your new business. The borough’s beautiful natural environment and built heritage as well as its vibrant independent shops and leisure facilities, cultural and creative events and high performing schools offers employees and residents a very high quality of life.

Tunbridge Wells has the key foundations to help your business thrive. It has the highest qualified resident base in Kent, in addition to easy road and rail connections to London and the wider south-east, as well as to international gateways at Gatwick Airport and the Kent ports.

The borough has both new and heritage commercial, industrial, co-working and retail premises. It also has a diverse mix of local producers, suppliers and service providers that can connect with you and support you to grow your business.

The rate of new businesses surviving their first year is higher in Tunbridge Wells than anywhere else in Kent, so if you’re interested in setting up your business here, contact us today.

How the Council can support your new business in Tunbridge Wells