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Changes to Housing Register and Housing Allocations Scheme

From 1st June 2023 The Housing Allocations Scheme and how you apply for the housing register  is changing

The way you apply for the housing register is temporarily changing from 1st June 2023 whilst we move to a new housing system and a new look website.

For a period of 1 month from 1st June applicants will not be able to login to their housing register account and no properties will be advertised.

Our housing Allocations Scheme is also changing, following a period of consultation late last year. This is so that our scheme complies with current legislation and to help make sure that the limited supply social housing within the borough is allocated to households most in need.

This means that we are asking ALL existing applicants on the housing register to reapply from 1st June, and will be assessing applications in line with our new Allocation Scheme.

Any new applications will also be assessed in line with our new Allocation Scheme.

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