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Computerised knowledge test FAQ's

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the computerised knowledge test.

The knowledge test is computer based and comprises 51 questions in 10 categories, with multiple choice answers. Candidates must achieve the following pass mark in each category to pass the test:

  • Tunbridge Wells Places 80%
  • Tunbridge Wells Routes – Rural 80%
  • Tunbridge Wells Routes – Urban 80%
  • Tunbridge Wells Streets 80%
  • Tunbridge Wells Policy and Law 80%
  • Highway Code 80%

You must achieve 80% in each category to pass.

Candidates are expected to undertake their own research on places, routes and streets in the borough of Tunbridge Wells. However, there are some examples of the types of questions in the sample bank of routes, although this is not an exhaustive list and questions asked may not relate to these.

Information booklet - Tunbridge Wells Policy and Law

Familiarise yourself with this document that contains further information relating to the Council’s Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Licensing Policy and Law, Routes, Streets, Places and the Highway Code.

This is to maintain high standards that the Council expects of its licensed drivers operating within the borough.

See our taxi licence fees page for information about the cost of the test.

Candidates are allowed up to 90 minutes.

Normally within five working days.

Applicants are restricted (within a given period) to three attempts to pass.

A fresh application can be made but a period of six months is required to elapse before another attempt can be made. This enables the applicant to develop the necessary knowledge and skills.

It is expected that drivers would have knowledge of the whole of the borough.

I will only be operating a Private Hire vehicle and all bookings are made in advance. I can therefore use a sat nav or research the route prior to the “pick up”. Why do I need to take a knowledge test?

The Council acknowledges that the same level of instant geographical knowledge of the borough is not as necessary for those drivers wishing to operate private hire vehicles as those drivers intending to operate hackney carriage vehicles, because all private hire is pre-booked and so the driver has the opportunity to research the destination prior to departure. However, this Council issues dual drivers licences and thereby drivers should, as good practice, have a good working knowledge of the area in which they are licensed. In addition a sat nav would not necessarily provide you with the shortest route by distance.

Please visit our Driver licences page and click on the 'Computerised knowledge test' expandable section for more information on booking a knowledge test.

Once you have confirmed your appointment, if for any reason you are unable to attend you must notify the Council a minimum of two working days before the date of the test. Applicants who fail to do so will be required to pay the current fee for the missed test and will not be offered another appointment to take the test until they have done so.

No, the result is final.

If you pass the knowledge test, the Licensing Officer will provide you with a unique candidate reference number. You will need to complete an online application form and provide the following when you attend:

Please note: prior to the test, evidence must be provided demonstrating your right to work in the taxi and private hire sector as set out in the acceptable documents list. If you fail to do so you will not be permitted to sit the test.