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Community Heroes Privacy Policy

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Mount Pleasant Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

01892 526121

We collect information from you when you visit, also when you contact us in writing, provide evidence, speak to us on the phone, by email or any other type of electronic communication, or talk to us face to face.

When a nomination or submission is made to the Community Heroes scheme, either via our online nomination form (alternatively by email or by writing in) we will collect personal data on

  1. the submitter (the person making the nomination or submission) and
  2. the nominee (the person or organisation being nominated)

We will collect the following information:


Name, contact phone number and email, location (e.g. village)


Name, age (if under 16), contact phone number and email and location (e.g. village)

If the person being nominated is under-16, we will seek to acquire parental consent; if parental consent cannot be obtained we will not be able to accept the nomination.

We will also collect information on the individual or organisation contained in the nomination itself, detailing why the person or organisation has been nominated.

The information will be entered and held in an electronic database.

We collect this information to enable us to facilitate the Community Heroes scheme.

The information collected through our online forms is stored by Maidstone Borough Council who provide ICT services on our behalf. View the Maidstone Borough Council privacy information.

First names of the individuals and organisations making submissions, supporting statements and general location (e.g. village) will be disclosed to the public:

  1. on our website or our social media channels,
  2. in our quarterly Local Magazine,
  3. in a permanent record of commemoration of the covid-19 pandemic

We may share details of the submitters and nominees with local media, after obtaining the consent of the individuals and organisations concerned.

Contact email and telephone numbers will not be published.

We will only keep it for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

We will hold nominator and nominee details for a period of 12 months from the date of receipt for the purposes of administering the scheme.

Once we no longer need it, we will keep the data for a set period (a retention period) but not use it. When the retention period expires we will delete your information from our records. If you would like to know the retention periods for our most common forms of information, please see our Retention Schedule or Record of Processing Activity on our website.

Your details may become part of a permanent record of commemoration.