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Pre-Submission Local Plan

The Borough Council has published the Pre-Submission version of its Local Plan (also known as the Regulation 19 version).

The Local Plan sets out the proposed planning policies to guide development in the borough up to 2038.

Within the context of a long-term vision and related objectives, it comprises overarching strategic policies, including a new development strategy, supported by both place-specific local strategies and site allocations, and generic policies on a range of topics.

View the Pre-Submission Local Plan

The Pre-Submission Local Plan can also be viewed on the Council’s consultation portal.

The Sustainability Appraisal and other Supporting Documents that support the Plan are also available to view.


A virtual exhibition, also included under Key Documents below, provides an overview of the Pre-Submission Local Plan, the background to it, and the scope of the consultation.

Consultation period and arrangements

The Pre-Submission Local Plan and its accompanying Sustainability Appraisal were published to provide a 10-week period for people to review the policies and proposals and consider if they wished to make any representations.

The consultation period started at 9am on Friday 26 March 2021 and ran to 5pm on Friday 4 June 2021.

The Government has made it clear that local plans should continue to be progressed and have temporarily amended consultation regulations to enable this to happen. The Borough Council is also keen to promote awareness during these difficult times. It has:

  • included a two-page spread on the Local Plan in its Local magazine, distributed to households during the week beginning 15 March
  • placed notices in the local press and on social media
  • made arrangements to view the Local Plan documents in a safe environment at the Tunbridge Wells Gateway
  • undertook live Q and A sessions
  • provided support and advice for questions which weren’t answered or couldn’t be accessed online via email or telephone

Posters advertising the consultation were sent to all parish and town councils for display on their noticeboards.

Viewing representations

The period for making representations has now closed.

To view duly-made representations, see representations and next steps.

Registering an interest and being kept informed

You can register on the Council's consultation portal to be kept up to date with the Local Plan progress and to make comments online.

Some documents on this page may not be in an accessible format. If you require any documents in an accessible format, please complete our online form to request them.

Key Documents