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Tunbridge Wells COVID-19 cases

Please note: this page uses a data feed from the GOV.UK coronavirus tracking page. There may be times when the COVID-19 cases chart and information does not display. If the chart and information is not displayed please check back at a later time.

About the data on this page

The data on this page includes results from both pillar 1 and pillar 2 testing. Pillar 1 data comes solely from the tests undertaken by Public Health England (PHE) labs and NHS hospitals. Pillar 2 tests are undertaken by other partners and include lateral flow tests of the type used in asymptomatic testing centres.

The bars on the chart show the number of people with at least one lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result, by specimen date, in the borough of Tunbridge Wells in the last 50 days. Individuals who tested positive more than once are only counted once, on the date of their first positive test.

The line on the chart shows the seven-day case rate per 100,000 of population.

The seven-day case rate per 100,000 of population is calculated by dividing the total cases in a seven-day period by the population of the borough, then multiplying by 100,000. Population data uses the mid-year estimates provided by the Office for National Statistics.

Data shown are cases by specimen date and because these are incomplete for the most recent dates, the latest seven-day case rate are for the seven-day period ending five days before the date when the website was last updated.

Where does the data come from?

The chart and information on this page use data from the GOV.UK coronavirus tracking page.

Full definitions of the metrics can be found on the GOV.UK about the data page.