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Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells vehicle enforcement

CCTV enforcement is restarting in this area.

Following a review of the traffic signs designating the Public Realm 2 bus gate/lane restriction on Mount Pleasant Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells we are recommencing CCTV camera enforcement of the restriction.

This means that from Monday 20 February 2023, between 9am and 6pm, traffic is restricted in both directions on Mount Pleasant Road between the junctions with Monson Road and Crescent/Church roads. Only authorised vehicles are permitted to enter.

Initially, CCTV cameras will monitor vehicles passing through the restriction and those that are not authorised will receive a warning notice in the post.

Vehicles that have received a warning and that subsequently contravene will receive a Penalty Charge Notice in the post. These arrangements will be closely monitored before moving to full enforcement after a reasonable period has passed.

Vehicles travelling from Dudley, York and Newton Roads can pass into Monson Road to avoid the restriction. Vehicles that need to access Monson Road towards the start of the restriction can do so via Newton Road.

The public realm improvements in this area were undertaken to improve this part of the town centre and the scheme aims to make it a safer, more pleasant place for pedestrians in particular.

Fewer vehicles in the area should benefit pedestrians who are crossing Monson Road and drivers should take extra care when turning into Monson Road. Please remember this is part of the town centre’s 20mph zone.

You can see a map of the restricted area and find out what vehicles are authorised to enter the bus gate/lane restriction in our Bus Gate/Lane webpage.

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