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Love Where We Live Award Winners

We held our annual Love Where We Live Awards... in real life! A huge thank you to all those that attended and made the evening special. Find out who won in each of our eight categories.

About this year's awards

This year's Love Where We Live Awards are back and open for nominations until midnight on Sunday 1 September. We've still got all the familiar categories you are used to seeing.

This year's categories:

  • Community Group of the Year
    Is there a group of people who are the life blood of your community? Perhaps they can always be relied upon to help out at events or raise funds. It could be that they are championing a ‘green’ project, or creating opportunities for people to get involved in local activities such as a club or other social group.
  • Charity of the Year
    This award is for any registered charity that operates in the borough of Tunbridge Wells. Nominations can be received from staff, volunteers or from those who benefit from their work. Tell us about a charity that enhances the lives and wellbeing of residents in the Tunbridge Wells borough.
  • Sportsperson/Team of the Year
    Through this award we’d like to recognise and encourage an individual, team or club who has made exceptional progress, reached extraordinary goals in their discipline, or made an important contribution to sport locally.
  • Young Sports Achiever
    This award is for that young person, youth team or a young coach who deserves recognition. These awards aren’t just about moving up the grade, but also about personal achievement, overcoming adversity and supporting others to do so.
    *Nominees must be aged 16 or under on 1 September 2024.
  • Volunteer of the Year
    There are people in our borough who make a vital contribution to their community, or who make a special effort to enhance other people’s lives. Perhaps someone has been going out of their way to help others for a number of years, or perhaps they are someone who is always there if they are needed, an ‘unsung’ hero who deserves to be recognised. We would like to hear about them.
  • Young Volunteer of the Year
    This award is for that young person you know, aged 24 or under*, who stands out as somebody with very special qualities; somebody who gives up their spare time to volunteer, and in doing so, contributes to the welfare of others, their community as a whole or the environment.
    *Nominees must be aged 24 or under on 1 September 2024.
  • Green Business
    Is your business moving towards a greener future?
    This award will recognise a local company that can demonstrate its commitment to having a positive impact on the community and/or the environment. This could include taking steps to reduce carbon emissions, such as a recycling or energy saving programme, supporting a local charity, providing employment opportunities for young people or buying from local companies.
  • Green Household
    Is your household moving towards a greener future?
    Have you started to make some lifestyle changes, or been making some for a while? We want to know what initiatives you are introducing at home to adapt and reduce your carbon emissions to be a little ‘greener’ than you were last year… Have you reduced your use of single-use plastic, improved biodiversity where you live with planting or protecting your local wildlife by creating a wildlife haven in your garden, or have you started to grow your own veg? Maybe you have used the car less and instead regularly walk and cycle to work or the local shops.  Are you careful about saving water or made a conscious effort to look at what you can reduce, reuse, or recycle before buying more or throwing something away?  We know holidays can be important, and if you can go away, maybe you have chosen an alternative to flying. These are just a few examples; nominate your household and you just might inspire others.
  • Good Neighbour
    Has someone carried out a small act of kindness that has meant a huge amount to you?
    We want to hear about residents who are doing little things to help others in the community when they most need it.  Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, whether it’s emergency childcare, having some groceries delivered to help with the gardening.  Someone may simply call by to check that you’re OK and to make sure you don’t need anything.  What a neighbour!  Let us know who has helped you this past year and we’ll do the rest.

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