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Flood recovery scheme

You can use this service to apply for a recovery grant if your property was flooded during storm Ciara or storm Dennis.

Before you start

Households which are the main residence can apply if:

  • Flood water entered into the habitable areas of the residence; or
  • Flood water did not enter into the habitable areas, but the local authority regards that the residence was otherwise considered unliveable for any period of time.

Small or medium sized businesses can apply if they were:

  • Directly impacted by the weather event - for instance there was flood damage to the property, equipment, and/or stock; or;
  • Indirectly impacted by the weather event– for instance the business has had no/highly restricted access to premises, equipment and/or stock as a result of flooding, restricted access for customers, suppliers and/or staff; and directly suffered a loss of trade as a result

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