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Surveying in Calverley Grounds

Surveying in Calverley Grounds taking place in January 2019

The Calverley Square project team will be undertaking investigation work in Calverley Grounds and Great Hall Car Park, from Monday 21 January – Thursday 31 January.

The work is in connection with the Council’s Calverley Square project which will bring a new theatre, office building and underground car park in the area around the entrance to the park.

On Tuesday 22 January and Wednesday 23 January there will be surveying in the car park.

On Thursday 25 and Friday 25 January there will be borehole drilling and surveying work in Calverley Grounds, this is not expected to be excessively noisy.

From Monday 28 January to Thursday 31 January there will be borehole drilling and surveying work outside the car park.

Temporary fencing will be erected around the area being worked on.

The impact on park and car park users will be limited and we apologise for any inconvenience to visitors.

More information about the Calverley Square project can be found at

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