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How to take part

Energy Deal holds three auction rounds a year, in October, February and May. If your current fixed tariff is not due to expire in the new few months you can still register, then take part in one of the forthcoming rounds.

The scheme is open to all households using gas and electricity who pay monthly, quarterly or via a pre-payment meter. It’s free to register for the scheme, and residents are not obliged to switch energy supplier.

Registration requires details of your energy consumption (found on your energy bill/annual energy statement - preferably in KWh), the name of your current supplier and your current tariff. It’s free to register for the scheme, and residents are not obliged to switch energy supplier.

Due to restrictions on the scheme, we are not allowed to send out reminders to resident who have switched using the scheme in the past two years. Please keep a note of your current tariff expiry date and register for the auction that coincides with that date.

Before registering please ensure you have read the information, which includes recent changes to the auction process, provided in the Kent Energy Deal page.

Register today

How it works

  1. Registration will require details of annual energy consumption, current tariff/supplier, (shown on fuel bill/annual energy statement), and method of payment and should take less than five minutes to complete. 

    Not online? You can help people without internet access to register with you online or they can call 0800 048 8439 (Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm) for assistance.
  2. Once registration has closed, energy suppliers are invited to compete with their best offer at an energy auction, administered for the council by iChoosr.
  3. Residents registered with Energy Deal will then be sent a personalised offer showing the winning tariff, which you can then decide whether you want to accept.
  4. If you decide to accept the offer, iChoosr then take care of the entire switch for you, meaning the whole thing is as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible

Want to know more?

Check out the scheme’s FAQs in their Frequently asked questions page.

iChoosr Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

Information on collective switching can be found on the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy website.

Find out more about iChoosr on their YouTube channel.

This scheme is organised by Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells councils.

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