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This year, the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change will be held in Glasgow (COP26). This conference will bring together leaders from across the world to discuss climate change and the need for continued action in response to the global climate emergency.

Find out more about the conference from the COP26 official website.

The primary goals of COP26 are:

  • secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach
  • adapt to protect communities and natural habitats
  • mobilise finance
  • work together to deliver

The publication of the latest IPCC report reiterates the importance for global leaders to come together and commit to reducing their national emissions. Find out more about the importance of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by watching this video below.

We will be following the progress of COP26 closely as the decisions made at an international level will impact us at a local level. Keep an eye out for our Twitter, where we will be updating you all with COP26 details throughout the conference.