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The Five Year Plan

The Five Year Plan 2017-2022 is our corporate strategy for the next five years, and focuses on what we want to achieve for our borough and for the services we provide as a council. It has an overarching vision of what we want the borough and our council to look like in the next five years, and the priorities that we believe will achieve this vision.

The vision of the Five Year Plan is:

To encourage investment and sustainable growth, and to enhance quality of life for all.

The priorities in the Five Year Plan are:

Our Borough

  • to support a prosperous borough
  • to support a well borough
  • to support an inclusive borough

Our Services

  • to provide digital choice
  • to provide quality services
  • to provide responsive services

Our People

  • to have effective leadership
  • to have relevant skills
  • to have high levels of wellbeing

Providing Value

  • to ensure innovation in our services
  • to ensure effective partnership working
  • to ensure we operate in a business-like way