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Private Sector Housing consultations

Housing Assistance Policy 2021 - 2026

Through the housing assistance policy we are able provide financial assistance to improve the standard of housing, improve health and wellbeing and assist people to live independently in their own home.

You are invited  to read the draft policy and make comments on the proposals all of which will be considered for inclusion in the final draft which will be presented to Cabinet 4 February 2021.

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Budget consultations

Help set the budget for 2021/22

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have caused a significant reduction in council income from Parking, the Assembly Hall Theatre and many other services provided by the council.

We would be very grateful for your ideas on how you feel the Council could generate more income or save some costs.

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Planning consultations

The Council is currently not carrying out any planning-related public consultations. To view previous (closed) consultations, or to make an application to include your details on the self-build and custom housebuilding register, or for a site to be placed on the brownfield register, then please visit our planning policy consultation portal.