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The lockdowns over the past year have been a very difficult period for many in our borough. We were all amazed by those who volunteered to help our community or who bravely kept working through the depths of the COVID-19 crisis.

It was not only the dedicated people working in the NHS or social care, it was also those working in local food shops and supermarkets, on public transport, for utility companies, those delivering the packages we all relied on or those working in essential supply chains to name but a few. And of course our police and fire services were there for us at all times, as well as our armed forces who performed essential work for the healthcare system.

In early January 2021 the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells sent out more than 200 certificates to the people of our community, recognising their work and commitment during the first national lockdown.

Since then, there have been a further two national lockdowns, the introduction of asymptomatic mass testing and the push for vaccinations at centres across the Borough which is providing hope for the future.

We have reopened our Community Heroes scheme and would like to hear about and recognise volunteers and those who put their own safety at risk to keep our borough running. So if you know someone who is your ‘community hero’, please let us know using our online form.

Before you start

We would like your nominations for those who volunteered in the community or worked in one of the critical sectors listed on the GOV.UK website during the national lockdown periods between 5 November - 2 December 2020 and  5 January 2021 onwards and / or those who volunteered or worked in one of the Borough's asymptomatic mass testing centres or vaccination centres.

You will need to provide the name and contact details for the person you are nominating, so that we can contact them to:

  • send them a signed certificate from the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells, Cllr Joy Podbury, thanking them for their service during the lockdown
  • with their consent, publish details of their contribution on our website, on social media and in Local magazine

Start now

  • critical workers are those listed on the GOV.UK critical workers page
  • submissions are for a living person
  • anonymous submissions will not be accepted
  • submissions are unlimited but must be on separate forms
  • submissions must be for a person or organisation who lives in the borough, or contributed in the borough of Tunbridge Wells
  • submissions may be moderated and edited before publication
  • submissions can be made by any member of the community, including councillors, paid workers and volunteers
  • nominees will be contacted to obtain consent for their information to be published. If consent cannot be obtained, a submission may be anonymised prior to publishing
  • an individual, group or organisation can nominate themselves
  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council is not responsible for the accuracy of content of submissions posted on our website
  • we will collect and use your personal data to process the community heroes scheme in accordance with our privacy notice