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Card payment only in car parks

As part of the measures we are introducing to support social distancing and protect the public and our staff, we will no longer be accepting cash in our car parks where payment by card is available.

Customers can still use their bank card to pay for their parking or they can use RingGo. Paying through RingGo is cheaper and means you can avoid contact with the payment machine when booking your parking session. It also avoids the need to queue at a machine when the car park gets busy.

For more information about using RingGo and how to download the app please visit

If you have any other queries about paying for your parking please feel free to contact us at

NHS and care workers

Vulnerable residents will require care and essential goods during the coronavirus emergency and we want to ensure that the people delivering these services can do so without worrying about a parking ticket.

We are asking those undertaking essential home visits or making deliveries to email us with the vehicle registration being used and a brief explanation of the work being carried out. These vehicles will be added to a list allowing them to park in any permit bay (in a road where there are residents’ permits) or council run car park across the borough until the current social distancing measures are lifted by the government.

If you are already carrying out these visits, and haven’t yet told us your vehicle registration, please display some evidence of your role in the windscreen of the vehicle when you’re parked in a permit bay or car park as a way of letting our officers know. This could be a photocopy of your work pass with sensitive information removed, or a letter of evidence from your employer.

Alternatively you may wish to use the government’s parking pass scheme for NHS staff, health and social care workers, NHS volunteers and critical workers who are eligible for free parking from local authorities. You can get a pass from your employer or the organisation that you are volunteering with.

Permit holders may use council car parks

To help ease on-street parking pressure we have made Crescent Road car park available for resident permit holders in Zones C and G to use. Permit holders in Zone A may park in Great Hall car park.

Zone B residents may park in Royal Victoria Place car park on levels 0, 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8. We would like to ensure levels 3, 4 and 5 are kept available for those who need to shop for medicines or food. This will be enforced so please park on the correct levels, thank you.

Parking permit FAQs

Parking enforcement

Reintroduction of parking enforcement

Now that the government is starting to relax the lockdown restrictions we are carrying out more regular parking enforcement patrols across the borough.

During the Covid-19 emergency we have concentrated on ensuring that key routes are kept clear for emergency vehicles, refuse and recycling collections and delivery drivers. Now that traffic levels are increasing, as more people return to work and more journeys are being made, we need to make sure permit spaces are protected and that the wider parking restrictions aren’t being abused.

In some instances we have been issuing warning notices during the lockdown period but our Civil Enforcement Officers will now start issuing Penalty Charge Notices to motorists who are seen ignoring the parking restrictions.

We appreciate that some people who receive a penalty charge may feel they have genuine reasons why they needed to park and we will continue to take a lenient approach to challenges made by those who have been affected by the Covid-19 emergency.