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COVID-19 Panel

The recovery of Tunbridge Wells following the COVID-19 pandemic is a signficant and complex programme that has a key role to play in the economic vitality and community resilience of the borough and its residents. The COVID-19 Panel will seek to ensure that all political groups remain appraised of progress and the key issues associated with the Recovery Plan. Members will receive regular updates from Officers and key stakeholders regarding development and progress of the Recovery Plan and will be able to provide oversight and feedback on its delivery.

The Panel is a working group of Cabinet. It has no delegated decision-making powers or ability to spend budgets, and its advice and guidance will be reported to the relevant decision maker(s) for consideration and decision.

COVID-19 Panel Membership

COVID-19 Panel Terms of Reference

Cabinet decision to establish the COVID-19 Panel

The first meeting of the COVID-19 Panel was held on Tuesday 26th May 2020. Meetings are scheduled bi-weekly but these may vary in frequency, as the situation requires. Meetings are held in private session. However, updates from the group will be provided by the Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny to regular Overview and Scrutiny meetings. Materials are available to all Members of the Council on request.