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Non-essential retail

Mid Kent Environmental Health

Guidance for non-essential retail businesses opening up on the 12 April 2021.


What do I need to do?


Carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment to determine the hazards and risk associated with your business.

  • Step 1 - Identify hazards
  • Step 2 - Identify who can be harmed
  • Step 3 – Assess the risk
  • Step 4 - Implement control measures
  • Step 5 – Review regularly

Check out the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website for guidance on risk assessments.

You should look at government guidance regularly as you prepare to restart activities as it can change quickly.

You should follow any advice and guidance given by your sport’s governing body.

Key date


12 April 2021

Central government has been clear in their message that the dates suggested for each phase of the reopening is a guide only. The actual dates that each stage occur will be informed by data and subject to four distinct tests.

See here for guidance see here for legislation.

Key points


tick to indicate things to do

covid secure sign Ensure you are Covid-secure.

covid secure sign

Follow social distancing rules.
people wearing masks Encourage customers to wear face coverings. Staff must wear them on the shop floor.

Do not...

x to indicate things not to do

only 15 Do not allow gatherings of people on your premises and do not allow your store to become overcrowded.

Points to consider

thinking cloud

  • How will you ensure your premises does not get overcrowded?
  • How will you prevent groups forming at pinch points or particular areas of the store?
  • How will you ensure social distancing?
  • How will you manage clothes or goods that customers have tried on or handled?
  • How will you manage customers queuing outside?
  • Do you need a one-way system?
  • Do you have sufficient PPE?
  • Do you have hand sanitiser?
  • How and when will you sanitise any equipment?
  • Do you have screens at till areas to protect customers and staff?
  • Download your signage from our posters and signs for businesses page

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