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Additional Restrictions Grant

ARG Hardship Fund

The ARG Hardship Fund is available to businesses in any sector that can demonstrate significant financial hardship as a result of Covid-19 restrictions between 1 April 2021 – 17 May 2021. This is defined as being unable to cover fixed business costs with business related income during this period.

Businesses that have been in receipt of the government Restart Grant, or, the Additional Restrictions Restart Grant are not currently eligible to apply for this Fund.

As a result of limited funding, this grant will be delivered on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, so please submit an application as soon as possible. If businesses have not provided sufficient evidence, they will be asked to submit a new application.

Please note that we are anticipating a high volume of applications for this grant, so payments may take time to be processed.

This Fund will be open from Monday 12 July until 5pm Friday 30 July.

Eligibility criteria:

  • businesses must be able to demonstrate that they were unable to cover their fixed business costs with their income for the period 1 April – 17 May 2021. Business loans will not be treated as income.
  • businesses must have been trading on 1 April and continue to trade from the Tunbridge Wells borough.
  • businesses must not have exceeded the state subsidy allowance limits.
  • businesses based in commercial premises, shared space premises and home based businesses, whether they are rated or non- rated are eligible to apply.
  • businesses in any sector can apply for this grant, whether they were allowed to remain open or remained closed during the period of restrictions, providing they satisfy the above criteria.
  • businesses must not have been eligible for the government Restart Grant or been in receipt of the Additional Restrictions Restart Grant.

Definition of fixed business costs:

A fixed cost is a business expense which does not vary with production volumes. Fixed costs often include rent of a business premise, contractual agreements or licences that are needed for the business to operate, which do not change in price if production increases or decreases. Instead, they are bound for the length of the contract or payment schedule.

Examples of fixed costs include:

  • Rent or mortgage for a business premises (residential rents/mortgages will not be considered fixed costs)
  • Utility costs for a business premises (residential utility costs will not be considered)
  • Website, hosting, software, and other recurring costs
  • Business insurance
  • Business accountancy
  • Vehicle HPA/Lease which is essential for the operation of the business.
  • Waste collection

Evidence required:

  • April and May 21 business bank statement
  • Breakdown of income for the period 1 April 2021 – 17 May 2021
  • Evidence of fixed costs due between 1 April – 17 May 2021. Please also provide evidence of any fixed costs which are paid on an annual basis
  • Evidence that the business was trading on 1 April and continues to trade from the Tunbridge Wells borough
  • Link to the business website or social media feeds.
  • Business rates account reference number (if rated)
  • A declaration of any subsidy your organisation has received over the last 3 financial years

The ARG Hardship Fund closed for applications at 5pm Friday 30 July

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