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Sustainable business

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Running a sustainable business

The most successful businesses plan for sustainable, long-term success. Understanding the competitive environment and ensuring that a business is financially sound are important parts of this, however business owners and managers are increasingly coming to realise that they also need to take into account the social and environmental impacts of their business.

The benefits of sustainable business

Adopting a sustainable approach to business also offers a wide range of specific business benefits. Reducing waste and emissions doesn't just benefit the environment, it also reduces costs. Improved processes can help cut purchases of raw materials and the costs of disposing of waste. A sustainable approach can also help a business to qualify for reductions in environmental taxes, such as the climate change levy. Being sustainable can also improve the reputation of a business and the products and services it offers. Many individual consumers prefer to buy from responsible businesses, while business customers may choose sustainable suppliers as part of their own commitment to sustainable development.

A good reputation can also help a business attract and retain employees, and improve its standing with the local community. By reducing the riskiness of a business and showing that it is well managed, a sustainable approach can also make it easier to attract investors and to work with regulators.

One such programme is Sustainable Routes where you can obtain advice on a travel efficiency plan.

Steps to Environmental Management (STEM) is a free scheme to help businesses improve their environmental performance. Benefits are improving your green reputation, assistance in meeting legal requirements, identifying and saving on inefficiencies as well gaining British and International Standard awards. Contact Low Carbon Kent to obtain your assessment forms.

Funding may be available for help with your 'green' projects, please check our grants for business page.