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Business Strategies and Reports

Economic Development Strategy

Published in June 2018, the strategy sets out the approach that Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and its partners will take to create the best conditions for business investment and sustainable growth in the borough.

Economic Development Strategy 2018 - 2021

Creative Sector Studies - Tunbridge Wells

In 2018, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) and Kent County Council (KCC) commissioned Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) to undertake a baseline study and situation analysis of the cultural and creative industries in Tunbridge Wells Borough. This report updated the work carried out by TFCC in 2012 to develop a Cultural and Creative Industries Framework for the Borough.

TW Creative Industries Framework - Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy | September 2012

TW Cultural & Creative Industries Study - Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy | June 2019

West Kent Partnership

West Kent comprises the boroughs of Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Malling and Sevenoaks District. These areas share many characteristics, which make for a strong West Kent identity. The region delivers a high quality of life, a well-functioning economy playing a vital role in promoting and sustaining the Kent economy as a whole.

This strategy is intended to make the case for much needed investment into the area to facilitate business, innovation and growth.

Nicolas Heslop, Chair of West Kent Partnership

West Kent Economic Priorities for Growth  2019 - 2022