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Civic amenity vehicle

The civic amenity vehicle collects large waste from people who don't live near the North Farm household waste and recycling centre. It's for general household that's too big or bulky to fit in your normal waste or recycling containers.

If you can't make it to the civic amenity vehicle, you can book a large item collection instead.

How does it work?

Every fortnight, the civic amenity vehicle visits a village in the Tunbridge Wells Borough.

You can bring unwanted large items and/or household waste and have it taken away for free.

Check the timetable to find out when the civic amenity vehicle will next be in your area.

What can you bring?

You can take most common household waste along, as well as many large items.

What's not allowed?

There are some things that you can't bring. That's because the vehicle can't dispose of the items in a safe way or because the items are too big.

  • waste from outside the Tunbridge Wells Borough
  • waste transported in a commercial vehicle
  • car batteries
  • rubble or bricks
  • doors or large pieces of wood
  • white electrical products, for example fridges or freezers
  • sheet(s) of glass
  • mirrors
  • chemicals, hazardous waste or any type of liquid
  • paint
  • waste from businesses
  • waste on trailers
  • asbestos
  • plasterboard
  • any kind of garden waste
  • televisions, kettles or microwaves
  • toughened glass
  • tyres
  • soil
  • oil

The above items can be taken to the North Farm household waste and recycling centre to be recycled or disposed of safely.

Business, commercial and trade waste

You can't use this service to dispose of trade or commercial waste. We report anyone who tries this to the Environment Agency, who can issue unlimited fines.

Any business that transports waste needs a licence to do so. You can apply to be a registered waste carrier with the Environment Agency.