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Woodland is a valuable resource within the Borough.  Some woodlands are protected by Tree Preservation Orders.

If you wish to carry out woodland work, you are advised in the first instance to consult the Forestry Commission website to see if a felling licence is required.

A felling licence overrides the need to get permission under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  If you do not obtain a felling licence and wish to carry out works to trees in a TPO woodland, then you will need to get permission from us.

If you see works taking place within a woodland, and are unsure whether permission has been given, then you should consult the Forestry Commission in the first instance.

Ancient Woodland

Woodland, and ancient woodland in particular, is a habitat of major importance to nature conservation. It plays host to a number of protected or notable species and is a key feature of the landscape character and historic fabric of the Borough.

We have produced the Ancient Woodland Inventory which provides an accurate and accessible knowledge and understanding of our rural environment.

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