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How to Apply

We encourage online planning application submissions via the planning portal.

You are able to:

  • identify which form you need to complete
  • ensure that you have completed the right information
  • attach relevant files including drawings and other supporting information

Your application will be assessed for validity on receipt. Please see our Validation Advice Note which provides details on which plans, drawings and other supporting information are required for your application.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter when your application has been validated, and in most cases (until April 2017) a letter will be sent to immediately adjoining neighbours. A site notice will be posted close to or on the boundary of the application site.

Please note: as above, if an application is made that fails to meet our validation requirements, it will be made invalid.

We will make contact in writing to advise you of the information that is required in order to make the application valid.

If all of the information required to make the application valid is not received within 28 days of a written request we will then dispose of your application. This means that we will keep a digital copy of the documentation submitted and subsequent correspondence, but will dispose of all paper copies of plans and documents submitted unless you have, within the 28 days, confirmed in writing that you will collect the paper copies. We will also deduct a charge of £40.00 from the planning fee submitted to cover the administrative time spent on assessing the validity of the application, before refunding the balance.

The only exceptional circumstances when we will not dispose of an invalid application after the 28 days are when:

  • There has been written correspondence with yourself within the 28 day period and we are confident that the information which is outstanding to make the application valid will be received by us within 5 days;
  • The application relates to a proposal for a significant major development (20 dwellings or more, 2000 square metre floor space new build or conversion or outline proposals capable of accommodating either of the above) as the timescales for resolving validation issues for such applications are often more complex and time consuming;
  • We have received a notice under article 12 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015: more information on such notices are available on the National Planning Practice Guidance website.

Please see also the Planning Article 11 Notice and the Design and Access Statement Pro Forma which apply to all of the above.

Please see also a full list of downloadable forms.

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