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Decisions & Appeals

About 90% of planning applications are determined by officers in accordance with a scheme of delegation.

However, where applications are to be determined by Councillors, a Planning Committee meets:

The scheme of delegation also requires that applications of a significant nature, or which are a significant departure from the development plan, need to be referred to the planning board.

What is a Planning Application Forum?

It is a meeting where local residents and other interested parties can present their views to Councillors, Planning Officers and the applicant some weeks before a planning application is finally determined. The aim of the Forum is to allow early discussion of the planning issues raised by these people and to explore the scope for building consensus and for resolving concerns. The meetings apply to 'major' applications only (defined as 10 residential units or over or a site exceeding 0.5 hectares or 1,000 square metres floorspace for commercial development).

When and where is the Forum?

All meetings are held in the Town Hall and begin at 2pm.  The 2014 dates for the Forum are as set out below:

Deadline for receipt of petition Date of meeting Venue
5 February 27 February Council Chamber
19 February 5 March Council Chamber
19 March 9 April Council Chamber
25 June 16 July Council Chamber
30 July 13 August Council Chamber
27 August 17 September Council Chamber
1 October 16 October Council Chamber
29 October 19 November Council Chamber
3 December 17 December Council Chamber

An applicant has a right to appeal if they are disatisfied with our decision or we have not made a decision within a set period (usually 8 weeks). Appeals are made to the First Secretary of State and are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

When appealing please use the online appeal service.

Householder appeals must usually be lodged within 12 weeks, all others within six months from the date of the decision notice. Appeals submitted outside this time may be turned away by the Planning Inspectorate.

Challenging an Appeal Decision

The decision of the First Secretary of State is final and can only be challenged in the High Court on a point of law.

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