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Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice fine

If you have received a Fixed Penalty Notice, you can make your payment securely or log your dispute by clicking the ‘Start now’ button below.

Start now

How much is the fine and when does it have to be paid?

* Please note that the 'Days to pay' field indicates the number of days within payment is due starting from the FPN issue date .

Type of FPN Amount to pay Days to pay *
Depositing Litter £150 14
Failure to Produce Waste Documents £300 28
Failure to Produce Authority to transport waste £300 28
Failure to Comply with a Household Waste Receptacles Notice £80 28
Failure to Comply with a Commercial or Industrial Waste Receptacles Notice £110 28
Graffiti and/or Fly Posting £80 28
Unauthorised distribution of free printed matter £150 28
Failing to remove Dog Faeces £100 14
Rough Sleeping (where ASB is occurring) £100 14
Begging (where ASB is occurring) £100 14
Amplified Noise (where complaints are received) £100 14
Unlawful deposit of waste £400 28
Exposing Vehicles for Sale on a Road/ Repairing Vehicles on a Road £100 28
Vehicles Abandoned £200 28
Dogs Not on Leads £100 14
Dogs in excluded area £100 14
Breach of CPN £100 14
Littering from vehicle £150 28

Disagree with the fine?

If you disagree with the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN), there is no formal right to appeal other than for ‘Littering from Vehicles’ or ‘Failure to Comply with a Household Waste Receptacles Notice’.

If you feel you have a reason why we should cancel your fine, you can contact us within the payment period of receiving the notice. This is known as 'making a representation'.

What happens if you write to us?

When we a receive a representation, we will put the FPN on hold while we review it.

If we agree with your statement, we will cancel the FPN and notify you.

If we disagree, we will notify you and you will have 7 days to pay it.

Sending a representation

You can email your representation at or post it to:

Fixed Penalty Notice Department
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 1RS.
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