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Heritage and Big Lottery Funds

In 2014 Grosvenor and Hilbert Park was successful in gaining an award of £2.36million from the Heritage and Big Lottery Funds towards a large scale park restoration project.

What has Happened so far?

The pavilion has been refurbished and transformed into a modern ‘Hub’ for the park, which includes: a café a community room (available for hire) and public toilets.

the old hub cafe

What the Hub used to look like...

the old hub cafe

And here's how it looks now...

the old hub cafe

The play area has been revamped, with unique new play equipment and improved access points, making it suitable for all ages and abilities.

Here’s how it looks now...

Marnock lake

Marnock lake and the dripping wells have been restored.

The park has been re-landscaped to revert the style back to that originally designed by Robert Marnock (one of the outstanding designers of the Victorian era).

Rochdale Road Entrance

The Hilbert Road, Upper Grosvenor Road and Rochdale Road entrances to the park have been redesigned to become safer and more suitable for public access.

The newly landscaped Hilbert Road entrance can be seen here.

the old hub cafe

The wetland area now has a fantastic new boardwalk through the middle, complete with dipping platforms looking over the wetland area and interpretation.

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