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Traffic Management Act 2004

The regulations, which form Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 are the biggest change to parking enforcement in England and Wales for many years.

Under the regulations this activity became known as Civil Parking Enforcement and Parking Attendants became known as Civil Enforcement Officers.

There are two levels of Penalty Charges depending on the severity of contraventions.

PCN Tariff PCN Discount Rate
Higher band for more serious contraventions - £70 If paid within 14 days - £35
Lower band for less serious contraventions - £50 If paid within 14 days - £25

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Enviroment agreed the charges on 7 February 2008.

Just over 50% of PCN’s issued in Tunbridge Wells fall into the less serious category. The regulations, which cover on street and off street parking, aim to make parking fairer and more transparent and provide motorists with a consistent service across the country.

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