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Double Parking & Drop Kerb Parking

What will happen if I park across a dropped kerb or double park?

If you park on a dropped kerb or double park Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) will give you a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket).

How much will a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) cost me?

If you pay within 14 days it will cost you £35. If you leave it any longer it will cost you £70.

Can blue badge holders park across a dropped kerb or double park?

No, they will get a PCN if they park across a dropped kerb or double park the kerb (50cm away from the kerb).

Does the restriction apply to every dropped kerb?

This applies to dropped kerbs that have been lowered to the level of the carriage way, for example pedestrian crossings, where tactile paving slabs lead up to a lowered kerb, pavements or cycle tracks. It also applies where the level of the road has been raised to the level of the kerb. This does not apply to private driveways.

Is parking on a dropped kerb ever permitted?


  • if the vehicle is parked outside private premises with the consent of the occupier
  • if the vehicle is loading or unloading goods and it is not possible to do this without parking partly or fully across a dropped kerb. But, only for the time it takes to load or unload. Please note loading or unloading must be continuous.
  • if the vehicle is being used for:
    • any building operation, demolition or excavation
    • waste collection
    • removing of obstruction to traffic; road works, signage or lighting
    • undertaking works (gas, electricity, water or communications services),

and the vehicle cannot be used without being parked either partly or fully over a dropped kerb.

When is a vehicle classed as being double parked?

If your vehicle is parked more than 50cm from the kerb it can create a hazard and is classed as being double parked.

Does this apply to every vehicle that is 50cm from the kerb?

No, it does not. If the vehicle is:

  • parked in a parking bay or a parking place on a carriage way. 
  • being used by the emergency services.

What should I do if a parked vehicle is causing an obstruction?

If you believe a vehicle is causing an obstruction, then you should contact the Police Non-Emergency line on 101.

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