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Weight Loss

Small changes can add up to a huge difference to your health and wellbeing, it's never too late to start.

You don't have to go it alone - One You Kent is here to help. We've got loads of support on offer to help you take the first step towards a better you.

Our One You Advisers can support you to make the small changes that can make a big difference. An Adviser provides you with free one-to-one support to help you to:

  • Lose weight
  • Get fitter
  • Quit smoking
  • Improve your mental wellbeing
  • Get more involved in your community

Please call Freephone: 0300 020 0636 for further information or if you would like a One You Advisor to contact you to chat about the service or to book an appointment,

The Counterweight Programme is an 10 week evidence based weight management programme for adults, that is delivered by trained Counterweight Practitioners. The programme promotes behavioural strategies, which seek to change eating habits, activity levels, sedentary behaviours and thinking processes that contribute to an individual becoming overweight or obese. The programme promotes active weight loss for three to six months, followed by long term weight loss maintenance.

To be eligible for the programme you need a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. You can calculate your BMI by visiting the NHS choices website -

Weight Loss groups are available in Cranbrook, paddock Wood and Tunbridge Wells. To have a One You Assessment and register for a course please complete our self-referral form.

NHS Choices Healthy Weight Calculator

content provided by NHS Choices

GP Exercise Referral

Exercise Referral is for low to medium risk adults over 18 years old whose medical condition can be improved through exercise. Registered fitness consultants provide ten week programmes of exercise at three of our sports centres; Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, Putlands and Weald Sports Centre. The cost of exercise referral is £2.50 a session with the initial induction free of charge. See our leaflet for more details.

Please note: your GP will need to refer you into this programme. This is to confirm that you are low to medium risk and safe to exercise and that you would benefit from the programme .

To arrange to meet a One You Advisor to look at the options available to you then please complete our self-referral form.


Volunteering is a great way to keep the mind and body active.

The Kent High Weald project offer volunteering opportunities in the great outdoors as well as family wild child activities, forest schools and much, much more. Check out the latest Wild Guide for Events and Activities

For a range of other opportunities please check out

Outdoor Gyms

There are some great free outdoor gyms provided by local Parish, Town and Borough councils. Please see the list below for their locations.

  • Hawkenbury Recreation ground
  • Capel - the large playing fields behind the village hall has a leg press and strider machine.
  • Paddock Wood - St Andrews Field has a five piece gym which includes a leg press and space walker.
  • Pembury – the village playground has an impressive seven station gym including a horseback rider and a shoulder press machine.
  • Peppenbury - Cornford Lane has a fantastic 9 station outdoor gym with stunning views to match, as well as a 1 ½ mile woodland walk. Peppenbury do not charge people to walk in the woods or use the equipment, however, as a charity they do rely on donations if you feel suitably inspired.
  • Langton Green – the recreation fields have a chin up and parallel bars for an intense body weight work out to rival Team GB’s Lewis Smith. Not for the faint hearted!
  • Sherwood - Oak Road outdoor gym opened June 27 2015 in Colebrook Recreation Ground. It’s located next to the cycle way that runs through the recreation ground between Oak Road and Clifton Road. For a map and demonstration, videos on how to use the equipment please visit
  • Showfields – A new 8 piece gym opposite the Number 1 community centre.

The family weight management programme is a fun course for families with children aged 7 to 13 whose weight is above the healthy range for their age and height. The programme helps children and families manage their weight better and lead healthier lives, with cooking workshops, talks on nutrition and fun games to get the children moving more. With the support of their parents or carers, children learn how to prepare healthy recipes, how to improve their health, fitness and the way they feel about their bodies.

Families interested in participating should contact our Health team.

If you would like to work out whether your child is at a healthy weight try the NHS healthy weight calculator.

NHS Choices Healthy Weight Calculator

content provided by NHS Choices

With an ageing population it is important that there are services available to support older people in maintaining independent lifestyles.

Good Neighbour Project

The Good Neighbour Project provide fun exercise classes to improve balance and posture and reduce the risk of falls.

Coming to our classes has helped our clients improve their strength, balance and overall fitness at the same time as promoting the friendship and support of a strong social network.  There is nothing like mutual encouragement to spur you on!

A weekly FIT & FUN session consists of gentle exercises followed by “healthy” refreshments and the chance to chat and make new friends.

FIT & FUN classes are run by the Good Neighbour Project which also operates a Befriending Service aimed at supporting older people in their own homes helping them stay independent.

Free NHS health checks are available for people aged between 40 and 74. This is a screening programme designed to assess your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

To book a health check at Tunbridge Wells Gateway or enquire about eligibility then please call 0300 020 0636.

We also keep a waiting list of future events around the borough so please do get in touch.

Live It Well

Live It Well has been designed as a source of information, help and guidance and is designed to promote better wellbeing and mental health in Kent and Medway for all and to help people connect with their local communities. The Live It Well website has a unique and comprehensive database of free of local resources available to residents of Kent and Medway.

Six Ways to Wellbeing

Why don’t you take up the Six Ways to Wellbeing? The Six Ways to Wellbeing are small changes you can make to your life which can make a big difference. The Six Ways to Wellbeing – connect, give, take notice, keep learning, be active and care for the planet – can lift your mood and help you to cope with life gets stressful. Go to the Six Ways to Wellbeing and see how people in Kent are doing simple, enjoyable things that make a big difference to how they feel.

Mental Health Matters helpline

If you need help and to speak to someone now, call the Mental Health Matters 24 hour helpline (0800 107 0160) where a trained adviser will support you to find help.

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is for ex service personnel and their families. A safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other by sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals. Available 24/7, Big White Wall is completely anonymous so you can express yourself freely and openly. Professionally trained Wall Guides ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

Kent Sheds

Kent Sheds is a new initiative that looks to establish a number of Shed projects across Kent. A local group are looking to set up the first Shed in Tunbridge Wells at the the TN2 Centre in Sherwood. A Shed provides the opportunities for you to participate in practical group activities such as engineering projects, woodworking or gardening. Where you can share and learn new skills, and by working together ‘shoulder to shoulder’ support one another. A Shed is a network of relationships between the Shedders, coming together to work alongside each other, sharing skills and developing friendships.

Having a healthy workforce can be of high importance to a business and can be measured in staff sick days and turnover of staff. The Borough Council Health Team funded by Kent County Council works with businesses in the borough to provide free in-house NHS Health Checks and Weight Loss groups.

For Businesses that want happier healthier staff and more productive workplaces we offer the Kent Healthy Business award. The Kent Healthy Business Award is a fully funded self-assessment framework for health and wellbeing at work. Linked to the National Wellbeing charter, the scheme offers companies and staff a whole host of tools and benefits to improve economic performance, through nurturing its people and environment. There’s no obligation to complete the project within an allotted time, meaning it can fit around your day to day business. On successful completion of the scheme, your company will receive accreditation to the National Wellbeing Charter.

The main benefits to taking part in the awards process for your business are: More productive team, more creative thinking, more engaged workforce, better able to cope with change, saving on sickness absence, more effective communication channel with workforce, more empowered workforce and an improved corporate image which can be the deciding factor to weather you excel in your field.

To help you get there, for more information, to arrange a meeting or to sign up, please email, Call: 01622 603032, 07720309597 or visit and search for ‘Kent Healthy Business Award’.

Further details can be found on the factsheet attached.

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