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Home Energy Conservation Act

The Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) 1995 requires every local authority with housing responsibilities to prepare, publish and submit an Energy Conservation Report to the Secretary of State. The report must identify:

  • Practical and cost effective measures to significantly improve the energy efficiency of all residential accommodation in their area; and
  • Report on the progress made by implementing the measures.

HECA is designed to focus the attention of local authorities more closely on the energy efficiency of all residential accommodation, and on developing an integrated approach to their energy efficiency strategies. Any improvements implemented through the Home Energy Conservation Act will contribute to meeting the UK’s Climate Change commitments.

The Further Report, submitted in March 2013, follows the guidance published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and summarises the Council’s priorities, ambitions and related targets. This includes current plans to engage with central Government initiatives such as the Green Deal, in order to maximise the benefits for the borough.

A further progress report has been prepared which details the Council’s progress on the actions as outlined in March 2013 up to 2015/16 financial year. It sets out the ongoing actions it will take to result in improvements in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in its area and at 2 yearly intervals thereafter, up to and including 31 March 2027.

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