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Support and Advice

There are a wide range of services specifically designed for the Armed Forces community provided by the Ministry of Defence, public sector and voluntary and community sector organisations.

Please note the information provided here is not a complete list and there will be many other support services available. Please let us know if there is anything that you think should be included on these pages.

Whenever you contact the Council or a support organisation about a service, please make us aware that you are a member of the Armed Forces community. There may be special rules that apply to members of the community in relation to local services, and we want to ensure that you benefit from these.

Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Responsible for the UK armed forces.

Ministry of Defence: The home of Ministry of Defence on GOV.UK

The armed forces covenant: The covenant is a pledge made by the government to ensure that the armed forces are not disadvantaged as a result of their service.

Support services for military and defence personnel and their families: Healthcare, housing and support services available for military personnel.

Support for War Veterans: Find out about legacy health, recognition, return to civilian life, support from the voluntary sector, commemoration and payment schemes.

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency: Providing pay, pension and support services to military personnel and the veterans community, directly serving around 900,000 members of the armed forces community. SPVA is an executive agency of the Ministry of Defence.

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