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Council Tax Support will help to pay your Council Tax if you are on a low income.

Council Tax Support is different to the discounts and exemptions.

In order to qualify for Council Tax Support you must:

  • Be on a low income; and
  • Be the person responsible for paying the Council Tax.

If you are Working Age (currently under 65 years of age) you will not qualify for Council Tax Support if you have savings or investments of more than £10,000.

If you are over the qualifying age for State Pension Credit  you will not normally qualify for Council Tax Support if you have savings or investments of more than £16,000.  You may have more savings than this and still qualify for Council Tax Support if you or your partner receive Pension Guarantee Credit.

Use our Benefit Calculator to see what help you can get

This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

For more information, you can contact Data Protection Revenues at

To apply for Council Tax Support you will need to complete an application form, please click the link below. If you have any issues, please contact our customer services team.

You will need to provide evidence that can be uploaded when you complete the online form. If you do not have all the evidence to hand you can upload the rest of it later, as long as we receive it within a month of the claim being made.

We need to see the documents that prove you need benefit before we can pay it to you. These can be originals or copies.

The easiest way to send us your proofs is by using our online form, or you can email them to or send them via post to:

Benefits Department
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
PO Box 1358
ME14 9US

Please note: This is not a freepost address.  Please put a stamp on your envelope.

Evidence you need to provide:

  • National Insurance numbers for you and your partner. Your partner needs to be someone you’re married to or living with as though you’re married.
  • Proof of identity for you and your partner. For example a passport or driving license.
  • Details of any capital, savings and investments, including all bank and building society current and savings accounts.
  • Details of any earnings for you and your partner, including anyone else over 18 living with you.
  • Details of any other income.
  • Details of any benefits, allowances or pensions.
  • Your tenancy agreement, rent book or rent statement.

If you do not have all the evidence you can send the form in first and then send the rest of the evidence later. We need to have all the evidence within a month, but your claim will start from the first day we receive your application form.

If you don’t get the evidence to us within a month we may not be able to pay you any Council Tax Support.

If you’re having problems getting your evidence together contact us and we can help.

Depending on your circumstances, we may also ask you for information that is not listed above.

If you're not satisfied with our decision or how we have explained our decision, you can ask that we look at your claim again.

Alternatively you can appeal our decision, you will need to send your request in writing to:

Benefits Department
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
PO Box 1358
ME14 9US

Please note: This is not a freepost address.  Please put a stamp on your envelope.

You need to make it clear which decision you are asking us to reconsider and your reasons why. You need to do this within a month of the decision you are appealing against. If you believe that any of the information or figures we have used are incorrect, you will need to supply proof of this.

We will write to confirm or amend our original decision.

If you still don't agree with our decision you can send an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service, who will consider your case independently.

Council Tax Reduction Team
First Floor
Hepworth House
2 Trafford Court

Telephone: 0300 123 1033
Fax: 01302 321447

An overpayment happens when we pay Council Tax Support which you weren’t entitled to. If we have paid too much Council Tax Support you will receive a new Council Tax bill which will tell you how much you need to pay.

You need to tell us of any changes in your circumstances, to prevent any overpayments. This is your responsibility – do not rely on anyone else such as the Jobcentre Plus, the Department for Work and Pensions or the Pension Service.

We will send you a letter giving you the full details of the overpayment. The letter will tell you why the overpayment happened, the amount you were overpaid and the period of the overpayment. It will also tell you whether we intend to recover the overpayment and what to do if you disagree with the overpayment.

How is the overpayment paid back?

You will be sent a revised bill. You will be able to pay online, by setting up a direct debit, by calling our automated payments line on 0845 835 0148 or by visiting the Tunbridge Wells Gateway.

If you're having problems paying please contact us or visit either the Tunbridge Wells Gateway on Grosvenor Road, or the Weald Information Centre in Cranbrook.
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