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Covid-19 Business Grants

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The deadline for applications is Friday 28th August 2020

Before completing the online form

Please read the following guidance as this will help to ensure that your application can be processed quickly.

Please could you ensure that:

  • You state your business name exactly as held by TWBC Business Rates team (you can check this on your Rates bill).
  • You provide details of your business bank account (rather than a personal account).
  • If you pay your business rates normally by Direct Debit, the bank account details on the application are the same as held at TWBC for your Business Rates Direct Debit.
  • If you are a limited company, you state your company registered name and number, exactly as held on the Companies House website.
  • If you are a limited company, you have filed your accounts at Companies House and completed your annual Confirmation Statement at Companies House.
  • For the State Aid question YES is the correct response if your business has not received any other government funding in the last three years.

Apply for a £25,000 Business Rate Grant

Apply for a £10,000 Business Rate Grant

Any problems?

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